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State of the Art Technology:

 This technology provides you "Real-Time" GPS Tracking: Using exact Latitude & Longitude coordinates.

With detailed driving information.

Using your computer /mobile phone / tablet

Google Maps will direct you.

We look forward to meeting you and serving our Risen Savior Together

God Bless!


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Within Map:

1.) Choose Directions

Once Loaded:

 Choose Your "Your Location" First "Top" Box (It will Auto-Load or type in your location)

So no matter where you are, it will grab your location and layout the quickest route.


Map Option:

Tools to Use Map:  + -  (  Zoom In or Out  )

  Map or Satellite 


Satellite Imagery ( Pictured lower left in map ) Changes Viewing

View Larger Map Options:  Printing abilities, Street View, Text directions to phone.






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