Port Monmouth Community Church

GPS Locator

Our PMCC Google Map Location

Technology is provided by Google Maps.

 This technology provides you our DIRECT location through exact Latitude & Longitude coordinates.

Use the link Directions to PMCC (below map) which will open up Google Maps and provide you detailed driving information.

Using your phone / tablet and Google Maps will direct you.

We look forward to meeting you and serving our Risen Savior

God Bless!


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Viewing Options:  Map or Satellite  For "AWESOME" Viewing!

Tools to Use Map:  ( To Zoom Straight into our church )

Find PIN on map and scroll in using mouse to PMCC.





Google Maps will use GPS to direct you to us.


1.) Choose Directions within map below.

Once Loaded:

2.) Click within the Top Box: Your Starting Point

Choose "Your Location" (Will load your current location and guide to directly to us)

So no matter where you are, it will grab your location and layout the quickest route.

DO NOT REMOVE Address in second field having "Numbers" or says: "POINT ON MAP."   THAT'S US!






Special Thanks To: Mr. Jeremy Lipari This entire website wouldn't have been possible without you! Thank YOU for your service to the Lord and supporting Port Monmouth Community Church.

Google Map Locator, Created/ Setup & Maintained By PMCC Webmaster: