Welcome to The Port Monmouth Community Church

Port Monmouth Community is a small fellowship established in 1950. 

The church is a two room structure which has a small bathroom and kitchen.

Fellowship Hall in the back of the church allows blessed fellowship Bible studies,  Annual Christmas Celebrations.

Local Monmouth County AA Meetings held at Port Monmouth Community over the years have helped

many individual and their families unite, strengthen and give them beneficial support needed to live productive lives.


Over the years the church has been through Huricane Sandy and battered each year by the harsh winds

and salt air which has taken a toll on the wood sills and paint on the church exterior and some mild cement work is needed to keep the foundation solid, firm and eye-pleasing.

The churches roof was last replaced in the early 70's, shingles have a 30 year life.


Christ Centered Goal

Our Goal is to replace the rotted wood around the windows. There are still a few of the orignial windows in the back room needing replacememt. and get the roof replaced.

Repair the minor area's on exterior and repaint. The small chimney used for venting furnace is also needing replacement.

Replacing flashing which will help protect the replaced wood for years to come.


If the Lord leads you and you'd like to contribute in any way toward helping in service to the Lord's church and service for the community and

would be gratefully appreciated.

We would greatly appreciate your financial contributions and your prayers as we work towards refreshing and helping Port Monmouth Community

continue to serve in the Glory of God and share His message to the community.


Your Donation can be made to:

Port Monmouth Community Church

Mail to:

3117 Cohocton Ave

Point Pleasant N.J. 08742


Place Online Donation / Love Offering

 ( Any amount will be so appreciated and helpful )

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