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Prayer Is God's Wireless Connection

Nothing More Powerful

This is where God's people come together and lift our brothers and sisters in Christ up in prayer.  Family, friends, co-workers, acquaintance, the list goes on.

Let's face it saints, We all need the Lord and each other as followers in Jesus name to pray each other through every situation.

  Loving, Caring, Healing, Providing is everything Jesus is and MORE.

Faith is Believing, Expecting, Trusting and Knowing "Jesus Is In Control."

Allow these prayers to get past the ceiling and up to the throne of God.

In Christ Name.  Amen


General Prayer Requests

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Sarah Vessey

"Laura Vessey's Daughter"



Sarah is handling COVID  pretty well. SHe is on Day 10 and seems to have classic symptoms and super tired. She is making her way through with your prayers and is even working from home thru it.

Sarah and family again Thanks everyone for your thoughtfulness and faithful prayer.

Sarah has just tested positive with Covid-19. Lord, nothing is to small a request. Father place your hand of protection on our dear sister. Flow your healing power through her bloodstream and purify any infection. Lord, keep her lungs clear and fully functional and restore her back to 100% wholeness. Please keep the entire family in good health and under your care.

We ask this in Jesus Name. Amen


Laura Vessey's Son

Johnathan is proudly serving our nation and is a US Marine. He's in his 3rd year and is scheduled to be deployed to the middle east shortly.

Please lift Johnathan and his platoon in prayer for God's Blessed hand of protection during their deployment.

Father Thank You for leading such fine young men and women to serve and defend this nation you have richly blessed.





Continuous Prayer Needs

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Laura Gil

Ellen Gil's Daughter

Wanda Wohlin's Dear Friend

  Laura (24-year of age) Was discharged Thursday from the hospital. Two weeks ago Laura was hit by a car and taken to the hospital, on ventilator with hemorrhagic contusions, some broken neck and back vertebrae, shattered right front pelvis, cracked left back pelvis, torn ACL and MCL. Laura can't get home care PT services because agencies don't want to take on car accidents. They don't want the liability. She wasn't eligible for in hospital PT rehab because she has advanced PT needs beyond what the hospital can provide. Laura is at home with her parents and currently has and exterior pelvis bar that'll be removed surgically 4-6 weeks. Ellen (mom) who is a Christian is taking this moment by moment and is praying and trusting God. We ALL KNOW THE POWER OF PRAYER. Please lift our sister and parents in continuous prayer.

Let's pray: Lord, We lift our sister Laura up to you. Father, You know Laura's specific needs for healing and for the coverage for physical therapy. Remove all pain, restore Laura back to wholeness with your marvelous touch. Flow throughout her body and bloodstream, touching all with cleansing power. Lord Jesus, there is nothing beyond your reach to speak to the hearts of these insurance companies and get this situation properly managed . Please reach within this gap of communication between insurance issues and clear this path toward true Christ Like thinking, actions and love which is needed . We ask this in the precious Name of Jesus Christ.


Michelle Visas

"Dear Friend of Christine Magaw"

  Michelle has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Please Lift Michelle in anointing prayer and her medical team. 5/05/2021
Pastor Donald Magaw



Please continue to lift Pastor Don Up in anointing prayer. The Chemo and Radiation are taking their normal toll. Lord, We lift Pastor Don up to you. Father, Help Ease these side effects.

Lord, flow through our Pastors bloodstream, touching, healing and purifying. Remove all impurities and restore to wholeness. In Jesus Name Amen.

I am asking that all Godís people uphold me in your prayers. As I announced a couple of weeks ago to the congregation, I am currently under treatment for prostate cancer. In addition, we have learned today that a biopsy of my palate has revealed that there is the return of the cancer to my palate, same location as 27 years ago and the same type; the ENT stated that it is in the early stages. I am in Godís hands and with your prayers and His help we will get through this new crisis. God still moves stones! Also pray that God will give Christine and Lauren strength to help me deal with this new health twist.

Pastor Don

Let Us Pray:

Lord, We lift our Pastor to You. Father God, We know you work ALL Things out for Your glory. We ask for cleansing from this cancer. Lord, Work through Pastor Don's medical team. Help provide the most accurate form of treatment. We know YOU ARE THE ULTIMATE HEALER. We lift our hearts to You Lord Jesus. We give You ALL the Glory, Honor and Praise. Trusting in your mighty works and blessed grace. Father, bring comfort to Christine & Lauren. Come Holy Spirit surround them with your constant loving presence. Calm their hearts, clear their minds and souls that they may be blessed with that peace that surpasses All Understanding through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Leaving this trial and burden at your nailed scared feet.

Trusting and Believing



The ROSE Faimly

"Pastor Don's Newphews Family"

  Please Lift the Entire "Rose Family  up in prayer.

This is the family of Pastor Don's Nephew who has recently past. There was a small service was held at PMCC this past weekend. Pastor Don has requested prayers to strengthen, mend hearts and for the Holy Spirit to come and touch each soul which is in turmoil and despair in search of the greatest healing source our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Ronald Rose

"Pastor Don's nephew""


  It is with a heavy heart to inform:

Pastor Don just informed the passing of his nephew Ronald this morning. Ron had been struggling with multiple medical issues and was recently placed in hospice care. The family extends heartfelt gratitude for the Love and Many Prays you've lifted for Ron, wife Shannon and family. Please continue to lift wife Shannon and ENTIRE family in prayer during this most difficult time.


Ronnie's organs are shutting down. He is totally unresponsive. Hospice nurse give him less than 72 -Hours.

Please pray for peace for him and the family.

. Let us pray:

 Lord, we come to you with heavy hearts. Let us pray: We lift Ron up in your care Father. Bring comfort to Shannon (Ron's wife) the family and still the storm of despair and gloom, replace with the reward and eternal peace which awaits those who know you.

In the precious Name of our Loving Lord Jesus Christ.



Pastor Don has informed that Ronald had just had major surgery. He had both legs amputated. He is diabetic and has had some major medical issues. Ronald has been placed in the care of Hospice.

Ronald has had heart surgery back in November 2020, which due to multiple medical issues was not successful


Martin Vessey

Laura Vessey's Father-In-Law



Martin is making good progress, however still is in need of crutches for getting around. Resting often. He is still in need of our prayers as this is slow healing and still is experiencing pain.

Please pray for protection and blessed healing and pain management.

Martin and Entire family are so grateful for ALL the prayers.


Martin is a very fit 85 year old but he took a fall on some black ice walking the dog the first part of January (at night). He had to crawl to a home - he went to ER at the time - but he is getting worse with each day and can hardly move. He will be having an MRI on Monday February 1st 2021.

Retired General Otto Guenther

Wanda's Dear friend and former boss



March Surgery for Otto did not produce the outcome that was expected. Otto remains hospitalized, is fine and is resting. His wife Jan is with him. While in surgery the doctor discovered things that could not be seen by the CAT scans and procedures which Otto  had undergone during the last 8-1/2 months. The tumor was large and embedded further in the body of the pancreas. It' was also wrapped around the common hepatic artery at it's junction with the aorta.

The entire medical team consulted and all determined that to proceed with the planned Whipple surgery would be too dangerous. Otto and Jan have been told they'll meet with the oncologist in about 2-weeks to learn the plan for the next steps.

The lead surgeon informed Otto he potentially could have 6-12 months to live.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, We worship a MIGHTY God.

Let us pray:

Lord Jesus, We lift our brother Otto up to You father God. It's so hard for us to understand why things happen. With these unexpected trials which come along. Help us to know, YOU are with us always and remind us of your steadfast abundant unending Love. Come Holy Spirit, Come dwell in Otto's room and cover both Otto an Jan "right-now" into your grace, love and mercy. Instill on their heart, your presence allowing them to feel your touch and hear your voice (to calm, restore and be greatly blessed)

In Jesus Name


1-Peter 4:11-19


Another answer to prayer: Otto Guenther had a laparoscopic procedure that showed nothing of concern so they can now prepare for surgery to remove the tumor.

Prior to surgery he will have a week of daily radiation to shrink the tumor even more. That will be followed by several weeks of rest to recover and gain strength after chemo and radiation. Right now it looks like surgery will take place in late March but that still has to be determined.


Wanda has informed us that Otto is doing very well

The tumor has stopped growing on his pancreas with the chemo and the Many Prayers being lifted for him. He still has many treatments to go.


Received blessed Praise News on Otto's Diagnosis. The doctors had originally diagnosed Otto with Stage-4 pancreatic cancer.

Upon further tests the doctors had updated and are pleased that Otto is in Stage-1. This is a MAJOR PRAISE REPORT. Otto will still continue getting chemo treatments to shrink the tumor. His report is looking very good.

 August 23rd 2020

Otto had  been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

The John Hopkins doctors met on Monday August 17th and things are now starting to happen. Lots of tests and procedures were ordered and appointments made for various days of the week. A chemo port was implanted on Thursday. The doctors are moving forward with the current opinion that the cancer is isolated in the pancreas. Chemotherapy to reduce the size of the mass in the pancreas will begin on Monday August 31st, an will be done once weekly for 3-weeks and then 1-week off.. then that cycle is repeated for 4-6 months. The will be a few weeks downtime and then surgery will be performed to remove the cancer.




Joleen Marsillo's Sister

  Joleen Marsillo's Sister "Val" is in need of prayer. Joleen Marsillo is a dear friend and Co-Worker for many years of C.Jay McCann. Joleen has just informed Val is going back on cancer chemo / radiation treatments. She had been in remission. Lord, we lift our sister up to you in prayer. Father, be with Val's medical team and provide the BEST medical care and treatment which will restore Val to pure health. Flush out all impurities, bring that peace which surpasses all understanding in Jesus Name. Comfort, Strengthen and Guide her mind to remain focused in all righteousness for tremendous blessings. We ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen 3/19/2021  
"Family of Rosemary "Roro"

Roro's Husband's Brother was called Home

  "Family of Roro" Joleen Marsillo who is a dear friend of C.Jay McCann. Friends, We've all prayed for Rosemarie "Roro" who was placed in hospice care back in early January 2021. Roro just recently past back in February 2021.

Roro's Husbands Brother has just been called home. He resided in Thailand. This is all the more harder on the family as for travel restrictions. Please the family in blessed prayers of comfort.

Lord protect and strengthen their faith with your Living Word, with the power in prayer. Father it says in Matthew 18:20 For where two or three are gathered in My Name, There I am with them. Lord Jesus, blanket them in your glorious blacket of grace, peace and love. In Jesus Name. Amen

Pastor Steve Offringa



Pastor Don has informed us Pastor Steve has recovered, but still gets very tired.  Please Lift Steve in prayers of  continued protection and for complete rest.  


Our beloved Brother and dear friend Pastor Steve was  diagnosed with Covid-19 back in February 2021 after coming down with symptoms of a very bad cold. He tested positive.

David Ziegler


 "Pastor Don's Sister-in-law's neighbor"


  David is being treated for pancreatic cancer. His mom past due to heart disease and Dave is / has been caring for his elderly father who has multiple health issues.

Please lift our brother Dave in blessed prayer.

Ed Perrella

"Virgina" Ginny Amend's Good Friend"

  Ginny has informed us that her house mate had collapsed this morning. He has been having chemo treatments but had a cad couple of days. He is in the hospital now.

 Ginny is awaiting word on Ed's condition. Please Lift Ed in your prayers.

 Lord, Be with Ed andwork through his medical team to get the proper treatment to restore him back to good, strong health.

Michael Metzger

Christine Metzger's Son

PMCC Pianist



Michael was called home to be with the Lord.

Christine (Michael's Mom and Entire Family) Thanks each and everyone of you who have lifted Michael up in prayers over the years for Strength, Protection, Guidance.

Friends, Please continue to lift Christine and Family up in prayer. Lets blanket them in the loving arms of Christ's Love.

Michael had been stable and working Drug Rehab Program to Full Capacity.  He's was back home and holding a job.

 Henry Kaczmarek

 Pastor Don's Uncle  Mother's Brother

  This is an Urgent Prayer Request for Henry who is suffering with mouth cancer. He is up there in age and is in need our prayers. Henry is such a caring man, He had taught Pastor Don how to hit and throw a baseball when Don was just a kid. His Leadership, Mentoring and Love inspired Pastor Don which guided him into becoming a physical education teacher. Please lift Henry up in continued prayer.

He is much Loved!

Gwen Jennings Continuous Has recently been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Disease.

She has been fitted with what they call a "Life Vest" which tracks and monitors her heart. Must be worn 24/7 for the next 6 months along with a long list of New medications.  Pray the doctors will find and apply the Best Treatment for to increase her life span. Gwen is also a cancer survivor which complicates things as to medication matters.

Kevin, Gwen and family are God fearing Christian believer's, who know that God does not bring you to anything the He will not take you through.

Please Note: Gwen, Kevin and family would like to extend a sincere "Thank You"  to everyone who is praying for Gwen during these challenging time.

God's Blessing to you all.





Praises To Answered Prayer

Lift all Glory, Honor and Praise back to the Father. Always Thanking Him.

The answers we receive may not always be what we would expect or wanted, but it's when we still praise him in our storm...

Praying: "His Will Be Done"

That my friends: Is when be are (Greatly Blessed and Highly Favored)  TRUSTING - IS - BELIEVING

All Praises will remain for a duration of 2-Weeks



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