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Prayer Is God's Wireless Connection

Nothing More Powerful

This is where God's people come together and lift our brothers and sisters in Christ up in prayer.  Family, friends, co-workers, acquaintance, the list goes on.

Let's face it saints, We all need the Lord and each other as followers in Jesus name to pray each other through every situation.

  Loving, Caring, Healing, Providing is everything Jesus is and MORE.

Faith is Believing, Expecting, Trusting and Knowing "Jesus Is In Control."

Allow these prayers to get past the ceiling and up to the throne of God.

In Christ Name.  Amen


General Prayer Requests

Note: All newly added or Updated Prayer Requests will be added to Top of  table

All General Prayers will Remain for 4-Weeks then removed.


Kaylee Walker

Mollie Walker's Granddaughter


Pastor Don has informed that God Worked a Miracle. Prayers have been answered. Kaylee was sent home same day from the hospital with medication. She still needs follow up care.


Kaylee who is 6 years old is in the hospital with a very high fever and some sort of ear infection that is extremely dangerous. Please pray for protection, healing and the Lords touch on this child for wholeness.

6/10/2019 7/09/20129
Christine Metzger


Lift Christine in prayer. Is having a mild medical issue and is awaiting results from tests which were done.

Please lift our sister up in prayer for complete inner-peace, trust and focus on Christ.

6/02/2019 6/30/2019
Caitlin Johnson


Please continue to lift Caitlin up in prayer. She is still going through a most difficult time and needs our continued prayer. 

Deuteronomy 31:6

"Be Strong and Courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you."

 Lifting the entire family as when one is hurting, everyone hurts and needs encouragement.





Continuous Prayer Needs

Note: All Newly Added or Updated Prayer Requests will be posted at TOP of table.

All Posts "New Posts within continuous prayer needs" will Remain for 2-Months

Please Inform WebMaster of Updates before time elapse and post is removed.

Updated posts are treated like "New- Posts" will also remain  2-months from Update

Those with Chronic Illnesses will Remain.


Carolyn Johnson's Aunt



Suzanne is recovering from open heart surgery which she had back in April. This was major surgery along with other factors, she is still in need of prayer for complete healing from the Father's hand. Please continue to lift our Sister up in prayer for blessed Grace to wash over her and make her whole again.


Suzanne had had a major heart attack and is still in need of our prayers. She underwent bypass surgery "coded a few times" during surgery and was brought back with the grace of God working through the medical staff.

Please pray for blessed healing and Gods anointing presence to lift and carry her to complete wellness.

Joe Cronin

Friend of Pastor Don

Continuous Joe recently had a PET which now shows his lung cancer has  spread to his other lung and stomach. He is 71 yrs of age, fighting hard but his condition is very serious. Both Joe and his wife are raising their teenage grandchildren.

Please lift urgent prayer.

 Our God is more than able.


Joe has been battling cancer in one of his lungs for a few years now (which was stable) Had chemotherapy  and another new spot formed on his other lung and fought pnemonia.


Lois Adubato Continuous  Alzheimer's

Lois is in the most "Advanced Stage" of this disease. Lois's husband Tom and family is going through the most difficult time and needs our prayers.

Please Pray for our Brothers & Sisters for the Lords Abundant Love, Peace and Restful Hearts during this transitional period.


"Christine Magaw's Brother"

Continuous The doctors are trying to adjust Anthony's meds because they are having a negative effect on his other organs.

 May 26th

Anthony is having some very serious issues. His blood count is extremely low. Normal is between 6-10. He is at a

Low-6 and dropping and has been dropping.

Pray the doctors, with the Lords help can get this under control.

Anthony has Leukemia which is causing multiple health issues.

Blaire Nathanson

Co-Worker of Caroyln Johnson

Continuous Blaire has just been diagnosed with APL-a form of leukemia and will be in hospital for treatment for the next 30 days or more.

Please lift in urgent prayer!

Kaitlin Morgan


Continuous Kaitlin Morgan: Needs our prayers! She is having major surgery tomorrow May 6th. She is a young lady which has a heart condition. Kaitlin woke up and is paralyzed on her left side. The surgery is to find out what is causing this and to correct. 5/05/2019 N/A
William "Bill" Stelzer

Pastor Dons Brother In-Law



Bill has just finished up physical therapy and is now home.

 This is a TRUE PRAISE.

Please pray for protection,  and Christ's abundant Grace for safe healing. Also lift his wife "Rose" up in prayer as she is his constant caregiver we know the challenges involved..

Lord bless Christine & Lauren Magaw with strength for helping Bill's wife Rose through this trial.


Bill is having a very difficult time recovering and is having multiple medical issues




Kerry Neil Continuous Kerry has multiple respiratory problems, Lymphedema, Cellulitis with possible leg amputation.

The doctors had stated she has 1-2 years to live.

We all know the POWER of prayer and NOTHING  is impossible with Jesus. Pray for protection, healing, and of course the peace which comes only through Christ our Lord to fill Kerry.

Pastor Tom Crenshaw

New Monmouth Baptist Church

Continuous Pastor Don has given an Update.

Pastor Tom is doing very well with Chemo Treatments because of the Many Prayers of God's Faithful.

Please Continue to Lift both Pastor Tom and Wife Jean.

God's Abundant Blessings


Tom has been diagnosed with colon cancer and will be starting Chemotherapy Treatment the week of  February 18th. .

Pray also for the doctors and medical staff as the Lord Works through them and provides protection, guidance and blessed healing.


Wife of

William "Bill" Stelzer's
Continuous Rosemary has had a  Melanoma spot removed from her chest. Please lift Rose up in protective prayer.

Rosemary is also the caregiver of her husband who has mulitple medical issues which include Advanced stage Alzheimer's

Michael Metzger Continuous


Michael has been stable and working Drug Rehab Program to Full Capacity. This is a true praise. 

Please continue to lift Michael up for him to find the Strength which Only The Lord can Provide.

N/A Keep Lifting Michael in continuous prayer as this is a transition that must take place and with Christ :

Praying without ceasing.

With Christ-ALL Thing Are Possible

Mrs. Tony Benedetto

Friend and Associate of Pastor Donald Magaw

Continuous Mrs. Benedetto has just been diagnosed with Stage-4 terminal brain tumor.

Please keep both Mr & Mrs Benedetto in your prayers.

May The Lords presence, peace and abundant love flood them and comfort their hearts through this trial.

Dominic LaForgia

Christine Metzger's Father

Continuous Dominic has been released from the hospital and is currently in rehab. His heart is weak and is Only working at 15%.

Please keep praying!

Please lift the entire family in your prayers during this most difficult trial.


Dominic had Heart Ablation. That is a procedure that destroys abnormal tissue in the heart that can create abnormal electrical impulses.  There was some damage to the damage to the heart and possible kidneys

Daryl Peterson Continuous Daryl has multiple medical issues he is dealing with on a daily basis. Please keep lifting Daryl up for protection, comfort and peace in Christ Jesus. N/A  
Al Fleming

Wanda, Lois and Bill's Uncle

Continuous Al is up there in age and sadly living with his son as he's dealing with dementia. It is a blessing however to be with family.

Please continue to lift Al up in prayer. He is a very fine man which we have had the pleasure to meet.

Gwen Jennings Continuous Has recently been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Disease.

She has been fitted with what they call a "Life Vest" which tracks and monitors her heart. Must be worn 24/7 for the next 6 months along with a long list of New medications.  Pray the doctors will find and apply the Best Treatment for to increase her life span. Gwen is also a cancer survivor which complicates things as to medication matters.

Kevin, Gwen and family are God fearing Christian believer's, who know that God does not bring you to anything the He will not take you through.

Please Note: Gwen, Kevin and family would like to extend a sincere "Thank You"  to everyone who is praying for Gwen during these challenging time.

God's Blessing to you all.





Praises To Answered Prayer

Lift all Glory, Honor and Praise back to the Father. Always Thanking Him.

The answers we receive may not always be what we would expect or wanted, but it's when we still praise him in our storm...

Praying: "His Will Be Done"

That my friends: Is when be are (Greatly Blessed and Highly Favored)  TRUSTING - IS - BELIEVING

All Praises will remain for a duration of 2-Weeks

Laura Lam


We have been informed that Laura had a successful surgery on June 6th for stomach issues. This is a fabulous praise.

Laura Thanks everyone for the outpouring of prayers for her.

6/11/2019 6/25/2019

Carolyn Johnson's Aunt


Suzanne is out of Rehab and home. This is a PRAISE!

However, she is still having a difficult time as the leg she had the vein taken from to help with the bypass surgery had developed an infection. She is doing well since her surgery, Yes!

We need to continue lifting our sister up in prayer for protection and God's abundant grace to wash over her body for complete healing.

6/09/2019 6/30/2019
Chris Z


Pastor Don has informed that Chris had some very serious medical issues and his parents were having to take leave from work to care for him. We are so pleased to announce that Chris is doing very well.

Please lift Praise to God and Thank Him for His abundant Grace, protection and healing.


Thank You Lord 

6/02/2019 6/16/2019


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