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Prayer Is God's Wireless Connection

Nothing More Powerful

This is where God's people come together and lift our brothers and sisters in Christ up in prayer.  Family, friends, co-workers, acquaintance, the list goes on.

Let's face it saints, We all need the Lord and each other as followers in Jesus name to pray each other through every situation.

  Loving, Caring, Healing, Providing is everything Jesus is and MORE.

Faith is Believing, Expecting, Trusting and Knowing "Jesus Is In Control."

Allow these prayers to get past the ceiling and up to the throne of God.

In Christ Name.  Amen


General Prayer Requests

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All General Prayers will Remain for 4-Weeks then removed.


Caitlin Johnson


Please lift our Dear Sister in Christ in prayer. When one of us is not feeling well, we all carry the load and feel the pain. Help Caitlin feel the power of prayer, allowing healing, peace, rest and Christ's "Anointing Power" to flow through her bloodstream to cleanse and renew. 2/09/2020  
Gertrude Rutt

"Laura McCann's Mother"

Mom's foot is healing as she is now able to wear a normal sneaker. Gert appreciates the many prayers for her.

Mom now resides in a Health Care Facility. Please continue to lift Mom in your prayers for continued protection against the corona-virus and flu season.

Pray for her caregivers to supply and deliver proper blessed care for her needs.

  Gertrude had a stroke last September 2019, had fallen and fractured her spine. Which gives her much pain.

Natalie Mirenda

Please continue to lift her up for encouragement and PRAISE GOD for His Blessed Touch.

Natalie extends heartfelt Thanks to Everyone for your outpouring of love, prayers and well wishes.

With Therapy, she now has the ability to applying more movement for strengthening.

Natalie had surgery  Friday October 4th... All went very well, Thank You Lord!

 Lord place your blessed healing hands on our sister. Heal from within any imperfection, strengthen, and restore. Keep her focused mentally, physically and spiritually on your continued presence. Bring your inner peace, which deminishes all negative  allowing spirit filled, anointing to fill her body, soul, spirit for complete healing.

Natalie suffered a very nasty cut back in August that required 20 stitches.







Continuous Prayer Needs

Note: All Newly Added or Updated Prayer Requests will be posted at TOP of table.

All Posts "New Posts within continuous prayer needs" will Remain for 2-Months

Please Inform WebMaster of Updates before time elapse and post is removed.

Updated posts are treated like "New- Posts" will also remain  2-months from Update

Those with Chronic Illnesses will Remain.


"Christine Magaw's Brother"

Called Home

  The Lord called Anthony Home today at 2:38 pm

Anthony was surrounded by his loving family as he went home.

Please continue Lift- Up in Prayer:

Christine & Pastor Don Magaw

Lauren  & Phil Williams (Daughter and Son In-Law of Pastor Don & Christine)

 Rosemary Stelzer ( Christine Magaw's Sister )

Entire Family.

PMCC Family extend heartfelt condolences and send much Love in Christ.

So sorry for your loss.

February 23rd, 2020

Pastor Don has informed us this morning: Anthony has been placed in Hospice Care at Jersey Shore Medical Center Sunday morning. The doctors only gave him a few days.

Please continue to lift both Christine and Pastor Don as well as ENTIRE Family in your prayers during this most difficult time.

February 15th 2020: Anthony has remained in the hospital due to multiple serious medical issues. Pray for any treatment which could help bring relief.

Jan 19th Was back in the hospital  He has an infection in his arm where he was getting transfusions.

Had had Catheterization which came back negative.

This past October he was rushed to the hospital as his blood count drastically dropped. Anthony has been going through physical therapy and was back home with Pastor Don and Christine.

 Anthony has Leukemia which is causing multiple health issues.




Jim Griffin

Called Home




The Lord had called Jim Griffin Home last night.

Jim had retired back on June 30th 2011.

He was a Full Time Range-Master from 2000 until his retirement from Middletown Police and was instrumental in bringing the range up to what it is today.

Please continue to lift Lisa Griffin, Family and Friends in prayer during this time.

Message From Pastor Don

Jim Griffin's cancer has spread and doctors say there is nothing more they can do except to try and keep him comfortable. He is at home in hospice and has been given 4 to 6 weeks.

Please pray for Jim and Lisa during this difficult time



Kaitlyn Morgan

Very close friends of Pastor Don and Christine Magaw


Continuous Pastor Don has informed that Kaitlyn surely is in need of continued prayer.

She needs a rare and highly specialized surgery on her heart. This young lady needs our prayers.


Kaitlyn was  hospitalized back in May with very serious heart issues and was  back in the hospital in Morristown with more heart issues  Now has had several recent surgeries. In addition she has epilepsy and had a major seizure.

Heart rate was 155. They are attempting to find a doctor willing to put a pacemaker in. She was born with a heart which runs backwards.


William "Bill" Stelzer

Pastor Dons Brother In-Law


Continuous Bill was released from the hospital and is back home. The family has been informed the what looked to be mini-stokes was a lead-up to one continuous stroke. Pastor Don has informed us he is back home and is currently doing well and requests prayer for both Bill and his wife "Rosemary" who had fallen and broke her hip this past year.

Feb 7th 2020

 Bill was sent back to the hospital. At present it seems Bill is showing signs of mini- strokes. He is having trouble speaking and swallowing.

Please lift in fervent prayer.

Bill is having a very difficult time recovering and is having multiple medical issues.

Alzheimer's and dementia.


Lois Adubato


Continuous We we're ALL blessed as a congregation here at PMCC. Tom Adubato had brought his beautiful wife Lois to Church Service the last few weeks. We all LOVE Lois and Tom so very much and are Thankful for the time we are getting to share with her and family. Blessed fellowship!

Please continue to lift Tom and Lois up in prayer.

We Love You both so very much.


Lois is in the most "Advanced Stage" of this disease. Lois's husband Tom and family is going through the most difficult time and needs our prayers.

Please Pray for our Brothers & Sisters for the Lords Abundant Love, Peace and Restful Hearts during this transitional period.

Kevin Crennan

Friend of Bill Schacht

  Injured his eye January 25th due to a mishap and was rushed to Jersey Shore ER, which in turn immediately directed him with ambulance and rushed to Philly Eye hospital. He underwent surgery to repair as much as they could to his eye. Doctors are optimistic as to Kevin regaining his sight back in this eye. He will be having cataract surgery to his other eye next week.

Please pray the Lord will guide the doctors with the removal of the cataract effectively and for blessed healing to take place.

Lord place your hand of protection on Kevin and his wife Dawn for peaceful rest and assurance.

Pastor Gerald Perry and wife Madeline

Farewell Baptist Church" North Carolina"

  Pastor Gerald is at the end of his life and is experiencing many physical ailments and issues. Madeline is with him working with the medical professionals to help him in any way to make him comfortable. Their son has taken over all pastoral duties at the church. They ALL need our prayers at this most difficult time.

 Please lift up our Brothers and Sisters up in encouragement, strength and faith.


Joseph Guarino

His Parents Joe and   Linda

  The Lord had called Joseph home last night. Joe had been placed in hospice care, just a few days ago. Please also keep his parents Joe and Linda and close friends in prayer for Strength, Encouragement, and Unshakeable Faith In Christ.


Paul Hooker

Friend of Pastor Donald Magaw


Continuous Paul is schedualed to have surgery on

December 3rd

The surgery is for a cancer issue.

Please keep him in your prayers.

For treatment on cancer which Paul has just been diagnosed with back in September 2018.


Bill Cohoon

89-Years old

 Father In-Law of Wanda Wohlin's Cousin.

Continuous Bill is suffering from macular degeneration ands needs to move out of his home and in with daughter In-law, so she can take care of him as he will eventually be totally blind.

Please pray tht Bill will have the heart to know this is the Lords Leading for proper care & the love and respect he deserves.


Close friend of Tara Mirenda

Continuous Please lift our sister up in prayer. Karen has been informed and has been diagnosed with cancer.

Pray the Lords blessed arms guide and protect, heal and bring calm blessed assurance that He is more than able to restore. We also pray for her medical team for guidance from above. Lord flow through her bloodstream and cleanse from within

Michael Metzger


Continuous Michael has been stable and working Drug Rehab Program to Full Capacity.  He's back home and is holding a job. This is a true praise.

Please continue to lift Michael up for him to find the Strength which Only The Lord can Provide



William Armenti


(wife Sue)

 "Friends of Donald Magaw"

  William has just been diagnosed with cancer. Both Sue and William are strong believers in Christ. Please lift both William and Sue up in prayer. As we all know, being a caregiver can be emotionally and physically exhausting. But with Christ, He IS our Strength, our Healer, our Comforter and Provider. Lord bring healing, strength and provide that comfort in your security of Blessed Assurance. 9/08/2019  

 "Friend of Tara Mirenda"

  Abby is a beautiful 15 year old young lady who has just been diagnosed with MS. Lets lift our sister up in blessed prayer for guidance from her doctors for her treatment, care and support. Lord, may the Holy Spirit flow through her body and touch, strengthen and provide healing power in Jesus Name. 9/08/2910  
Kerry Neil Continuous Kerry has multiple respiratory problems, Lymphedema, Cellulitis with possible leg amputation.

The doctors had stated she has 1-2 years to live.

We all know the POWER of prayer and NOTHING  is impossible with Jesus. Pray for protection, healing, and of course the peace which comes only through Christ our Lord to fill Kerry.

Mrs. Tony Benedetto

Friend and Associate of Pastor Donald Magaw

Continuous Mrs. Benedetto has just been diagnosed with Stage-4 terminal brain tumor.

Please keep both Mr & Mrs Benedetto in your prayers.

May The Lords presence, peace and abundant love flood them and comfort their hearts through this trial.

Daryl Peterson

Friend of Bill Schacht

Continuous Daryl has multiple medical issues he is dealing with on a daily basis. Please keep lifting Daryl up for protection, comfort and peace in Christ Jesus. N/A  
Gwen Jennings Continuous Has recently been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Disease.

She has been fitted with what they call a "Life Vest" which tracks and monitors her heart. Must be worn 24/7 for the next 6 months along with a long list of New medications.  Pray the doctors will find and apply the Best Treatment for to increase her life span. Gwen is also a cancer survivor which complicates things as to medication matters.

Kevin, Gwen and family are God fearing Christian believer's, who know that God does not bring you to anything the He will not take you through.

Please Note: Gwen, Kevin and family would like to extend a sincere "Thank You"  to everyone who is praying for Gwen during these challenging time.

God's Blessing to you all.





Praises To Answered Prayer

Lift all Glory, Honor and Praise back to the Father. Always Thanking Him.

The answers we receive may not always be what we would expect or wanted, but it's when we still praise him in our storm...

Praying: "His Will Be Done"

That my friends: Is when be are (Greatly Blessed and Highly Favored)  TRUSTING - IS - BELIEVING

All Praises will remain for a duration of 2-Weeks

Blaire Nathanson

Co-Worker of Caroyln Johnson

Dear Friends,

Back in May Blaire was diagnosed with APL-a form of leukemia and was in hospital for treatment for the next 30 days or more.

We were just informed Blair had the AWESOME Honor to "Ring The Bell" and walked out the hospital "cancer Free" and in remission.

This brings tears to my eye to see the Incredible POWER in the many prayers lifting for Blaire.

Blaire knows and felt the presence of the Lord through this trial. She is grateful to each and every one of you who have prayed and walked through this with her.

God Blesses and lives within our hearts!

He Never Leaves Us.


Lifting Praises to our Lord and Savior for this Major Praise

Luke: 6:38 NLT

Give, and you will receive;

Your gift will return to you in fuill-pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back.


2/16/2020 3/01/2020


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