Timmy Gonsalves Testimony


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The Lord Is My Shepherd

Brother Timmy Gonsalves

November 5th 1962 - August 30th 2017

Port Monmouth Community Church

New Monmouth Baptist Church

Calvary Chapel Old Bridge

Lincroft Bible Church

This page was  requested by Tim Gonsalves to share with those who Love him, Love the Lord Jesus Christ and most importantly for those who are looking for that true peace.

Jesus Christ is that friend and True Peace.


(Through these recorded messages)

Tim shared openly what it truly means to "Walk In Christ."

You can surely learn a lot from a friend, who doesn't have much time remaining here on earth.

Tim's Permission

Tim's Testimony

Till we meet again on heavens Shore




 Brother Timmy is in Hospice Living out his last days here on earth, but he is not just sitting watching the clock.

 His room is indeed filled with the Holy Spirit!

Each individual that comes through that door enters in a spiritual experience of Joy, Praise, Gospel Reading and getting to feel the true presence of The Lord Jesus Christ's Love straight on. Tim openly shares Jesus with each doctor, nurse and patient advocate's and individual that steps into this room. There's endless open prayer's of Thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ for his abundant Grace, Mercy and Endless Love.

Timmy wants to share his experience as a true testimony of living for Jesus. We can all talk the talk, but can we all really walk the walk.

It's in our trials:  That's when Jesus wants to hear us sing.

Timmy's Faith is not broken, nor is it shaken with this illness. He is boldly walking in faith toward the One who gives us Eternal Life only by the spilled blood of Jesus Christ who died for the sins of the world. Yours and Mine! Defeating death and bringing eternal life for ALL who believe and accepts Jesus as their personal living savior.

Thank You Lord!


Timmy's Words:

Please read your bibles, educate yourselves,

Learn "How you can rest assured where your going when you die."

There is True Blessed Assurance In Jesus.

Timmy has allowed permission to post all photos of Love from within his hospice room.

 He said this is me and I can't change my circumstances. This is life here on this earth and it's gonna get a whole lot better.

"I Love You!"



Please Note: There were so many other family & friends of Timmy's that had visited and shared special quality time with him during his 16-days in hospice and those photo's just could not be captured for this page.


August 18th 2017

C.Jay McCann, Doreen, Timmy & Laura



August 21st, 2017

Jigisha Patel and Timmy. Jigisha owns a business down in Long Branch. (Which Tims son works at.)



Calvary Chapel of Leonardo, N.J.









This morning just after 9:00 AM

The Lord came calling for one of the Mightiest Soldiers Of The Cross.

Timmy Gonsalves.

These last few weeks the memories shared with Timmy have been life changing, soulful, bonding, focused and so spiritually filled. Though tears are flowing at this time from the love we shared and missing your presence & friendship. Oh the Home Coming Celebration Timmy has stepped into being in the Presence of Jesus.

To hear those words: Well Done My Good And Faithful Servant.

Thank You Lord for sharing Timmy with us. Thank You for his leadership and this opportunity to witness not only to non-beleivers, but to minister to our hearts in such a strong manner. Lord, You are so worthy of ALL PRAISE.

Till we meet again on the glorious day when that trumpet sounds forth.

Keep your eyes to the heavens. The King IS COMING.

Thank You Lord for your Son, Jesus Christ who took His Life for the Sins of this fallen world.

Jesus is Coming Back Soon.

Are You Ready?




Resting in the arms of Jesus.







August 27th 2017

Tim's Prayer



August 27th 2017

We gathered together to sing The Lords Prayer.

Timmy wanted to do this all together.



August 27th 2017

Holy Communion




September 6th 2017

Timmy's Funeral Procession passed Keansburg Boardwalk Amusement Park.

Tim had worked there over 40 years.




September 6th 2017

Bayview Cemetery: Leonardo New Jersey

Pastor Tom Crenshaw from New Monmouth Baptist Church did the eulogy.



Jim Brady Trio

Homesick for heaven




The song "Take Me In" is such an inspiration to Timmy as he applies himself into this video and see's himself meeting Jesus soon.


Star 99.1

Timmy's Words

Your Radio Ministry has been so instrumental over the years and still provides great comfort, blessing and tremendous message through MUSIC & Gods Word.



Tim  Thanks Each member of Riverview who provided blessed care, personal attention and sharing their skills to help make my stay comfortable, giving me more quality of life.

Jesus Ultimately is The Healer and Provider and you are allowing Him to Work through You.

Also Thank You for allowing the Ministry Tim and others are providing within this hospice room and floor.

Absolute Loving Environment.

 God Bless You All.




Page Created By WebMaster:

Encouraged & Approved By: Timmy Gonsalves

All photo's, media were approved by Timmy prior to posting.

Tim wanted video created and posted onsite and wanted to wait, believing he had so much more time at hand.

The Sunday these short clips were recorded, Tim realized the moment was at hand.

All photo's where taken from August 18th till God's calling.