BECAUSE YOU PRAYED ---Rev. A. Donald Magaw


Because you prayed,

God touched our weary bodies with His power,

And gave us strength for many trying hours

In which we might have faltered, had not you

Our intercessor, faithful been and true.

Because you prayed,

God touched our eager fingers with His skill,

Enabling us to do His blessed will.

With scalpel, suture, bandage, better still

He healed the sick, the wounded, and cured the ill.

Because you prayed,

God touched our lips with coals from the altar fire,

Gave Spirit fullness, and did so inspire

That when we spoke, sin blinded souls did see,

Sin’s chains were broken, captives were made free.

Because you prayed,

The “dwellers” of the dark have found the light,

The glad good news has banished heathen night,

The message of the Cross has brought to them life at last.

Because you prayed.

God bless

Pastor Don Magaw