To all our friends:


Here is a Bible quiz for each of you to take, to see just what you do know about the Bible. (Answers are at the end, but please don’t peek until you answer all questions).  (No, unfortunately you will not will a million dollars if you get them all correct, just test your overall knowledge).


1.  We got the word Bible from

a.  A variation of Babylon, which had extensive libraries.

b.  The Hebrew word Biblius, meaning “scroll that has no ending.”

c.  The Greek word biblion, meaning, “roll” or “book”

2.  The original language(s) of the Bible are

a.  Hebrew, Greek and Latin

b.  Hebrew Greek and Aramaic

c.  Hebrew, Latin and Assyrian

d.  100% King James English

3.  Which are not books of the Bible”

    a.  Haggai and Philemon

    b.  Zephaniah and Zechariah

    c.  2 Chronicles and 3 John

    d.  Guacamole and Minestrone

4.  Canon refers to

    a.  An overweight 1970s detective played by William Conrad

    b. Civil War weaponry

    c. A Greek word for a measuring device

    d.  Writings that are accepted as authentic and inspired

5.  The Apocrypha is   

    a.  A group of writing purported to be scripture but not accepted as such in every tradition

    b.  A British term for drugstore

    c.  A hill in Greece where the Parthenon was build

    d.  A reference to the “four housemen” in Revelation

(See hints after question number 14)

6.  Total number of books in the Bible?

7.  Number of Old Testament books?

8.  Number of New Testament books?

9.  Approximate number of Bible book authors?

10.  Period of years the Bible was written

11.  Number of verses in the shortest chapter in the Bible
12.  Number of verses in the longest chapter in the Bible

13.  The book with the most chapter divisions has ____of them

14.  Of all the books ever written, the Bible is ____of a kind.

Hints—1; 2; 1,500; 27; 176; 39; 66; 40; 150

Are the following events found in the Bible?  Yes/No

15. After the flood, Noah gets drunk and naked.

16.  A guy named Balaam has an unsettling conversation with his talking donkey.

17. A dead man touches Elisha’s bones and comes back to life.

18.  Elijah calls down fire from heaven and then outruns a chariot down a mountain

19.  Isaiah sees God on a throne surrounded by hovering six-winged angels.

20.  Queen Jezebel is eaten by dogs

21. After surviving his big fish, a worm gets the better of Johan.

22. Uzzah touches the Ark of the Covenant and a year later his wife delivers septuplets.

23.  Wanting to prolong a victorious battle, Joshua commands the sun to stand still—and it does.

24.  God causes a shadow to move backward to prove the truth of Isaiah’s message.

25.  In the course of single night, Aaron’s staff buds, blossoms, and produces almonds.

26.  Lot’s daughters take turns getting him drunk and having sex with him so they can have children.

27.  King Herod takes credit for being a god and is stuck down immediately and eaten by worms.

28. After their sister is raped, some of Jacob’s sons convince the family of the offender to be circumcised and then kill them while they are incapacitated.

29.  Moses spends so much time with God that his head begins to glow.

30.  King Solomon’s famous wisdom fails him when he gets involved with 1000 women.

31.  During the decline of Israel, things get so bad that people are reduced to eating donkey heads, and each other.

32.  Paul dies when bitten by a deadly viper, but comes back to life.

33.  A woman named Jael hammers the head of an enemy general to the ground with a tent peg.

34.  Jonah is swallowed by a whale.

35.  Jesus brings three dead people back to life.

36.  Paul and Barnabas are mistaken for the gods Zeus and Hermes.

37.  Eve gave Adam an apple to eat which was the forbidden fruit.

38.  A king died of a disease of the foot.


Answers: 1.c; 2.b; 3.d; 4.c&d; 5.a; 6.66; 7. 39; 8.27; 9.40; 10. 1,500; 11.2; 12. 176; 13. 150; 14.1.


Numbers 15-38 all are found in the Bible except for #22 and #32, #34 and #37---Scripture does not call it a whale (a great fish) and the Bible does not specify what kind of fruit Eve gave to Adam, men have supposed it was an apple.

Don’t feel bad if you did not do well on this little quiz…many people do not do well.    I had the privilege of having a clergyman for a father and I started church at 10 days old and have been learning for my whole life (over 73 years) about God’s Word.  I have been ordained since 1968 and I am still learning every time I open my Bible.  

Check out our Bible study section on the church web site…this was written/compiled by my father and may be freely copied and used for the glory of God provided there is no financial gain by its distribution.


God bless,

Pastor Don