This letter was written by the late Rev. A, Donald Magaw over 30 years ago. It is just as pertinent today as it was then.

Dear Christian Friend,

Did you ever think of it this way?

Every non-attending church member votes by his absence to close the door of the church…HIS church.

In the dictator countries, the dictators close the churches by decree. In our democracy the church members close them by their indifference. The purpose there is not the same, but the results are.

Most of the church members would rise up in arms if the state should try to close the churches. But THEY…the non-attending church members…by their staying away have weakened the power of their church in their community.

Suppose the national government should call to the defense program ten million men, and five million would say “We believe the nation should be protected from outside enemies but we will just stay at home…we will be for it but we will have no part in it.” How effective would their membership in the army be? How much would they be worth to the cause of defense?

There is let loose in this nation a definite enemy…far more dangerous to the life of America than all the outside forces combined. This enemy is from WITHIN our own people. It is working constantly, EFFECTIVELY! What is it? SIN.

It is far more dangerous to America than all the other "isms" combined. It is degrading the character of our people. It is undermining the spirit of the average American to such an extent that he is the easy prey of the “Fifth Column.”

DEMOCRACY AND CHRISTIANITY ARE TWINS. To you and me has been given this mission of HOLDING THE LINE for the church.
Will you be present Sunday and by that act show that you are for the church and its program?


Port Monmouth Community Church

Rev. Donald A. Magaw

PS. Please don’t wait until 6 strong men are carrying you into your church!

 Pastor Don