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Restoration Fundraiser

The Spirit Of The Lord Moves


  Anthony Liguori had heard the damage Port Monmouth Community Church had sustained by Hurricane Sandy and called Pastor Donald Magaw informing him that he and his band would do a fund raiser for the church if you could find a place to hold it. Father Dan from Saint Catherine's Laboure' Church Middletown NJ. came to Pastor Don and said "You know brother Don, you should have a fund raiser." Without hesitation Father Dan continued saying: "You can hold it here at Saint Catherine's.

Friends, This is how the Holy Spirit Moves! 

Quickly Father Dan got a hold of  Singer / Song Writer Anthony Liguori shortly after and a date was set to hold this benefit concert in the gym on the facilities of St Catherine's. This fund raiser was a tremendous outreach support to help The Port Monmouth Community Church Rebuild, Restore and Replace all that was lost.

Surely without this help and the support from many local and "out-of-state" charities, parishioners, friends, behind the scene workers (walk-ins) God's people helping for the sake of the cross, this process of rebuild would still be on going.

We are so thankful to all our brother's and sister's in Christ who have reached out and donated your time, resources and shared Christ's Love to help in this restoration benefit. You've restored and lifted up the faith and spirit's in both parishioner's of The PMCC and the surrounding community in which we all serve.

We are indeed grateful and express eternal heartfelt appreciation.


Pastor Donald Magaw: Port Monmouth Community Church




The following Slideshow is a collection of photographs taken from this Benefit Concert which was held at Saint Catherine's Laboure' Church in Middletown N.J.

Featuring Anthony Liguori, Bill Turner and The Blue Grass Band and the Lazarro Sister's.


All photography is provided by:

Parishioner of PMCC:  Deacon Mike Elton

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Anthony Liguori has granted approval to play the following songs to this website:

Look to Him:  By Anthony Liguori

Mended Wing: By Anthony Liguori
Coming Soon


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ALL photos are provided by: Mike Elton