God is in every tomorrow,

Therefore I live for today.

Certain of findings at sunrise,

Guidance and strength for the way;

Hope for each moment of pain,

Comfort for every sorrow,

Sunshine and joy after the rain.

God is in every tomorrow,

Planning for you and for me;

E’en in the dark will I follow,

Trust where my eyes cannot see.

Stilled by His promise of blessings,

Soothed by the touch of His hand,

Confident in His protection,

Knowing my life-path is planned.

God is in every tomorrow,

Life with its changes may come,

He is behind and before me,

While in the distance shines home!

Home—where no thought of tomorrow

Ever can shadow my brow,

Home—in the presence of Jesus,

Through all eternity and now!



A.D. Magaw