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PMCC Members who have been Called Home


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Posted 11/01/2020


Photo Provided By Family: Lois Adubato





Photo Contributed By: Arlene Savitsky

Mike Savitsky:

Mike was instrumental at setting up the AA Meetings which started with one meeting a week and has grown to 5-meeting weekly. He had a huge heart for helping others and was a very caring and special person. Surely behind every good man is a good woman. Arlene we Thank You for sharing Mike with us and helping him be the very best at helping so many people in our community. A tremendous program of fine men and women, working together in support which allows the Lord to help strengthen, bless, and them to serve their families, church, but to rise above and reach for the sky. Jesus is our strength....  Keep looking Up!



Bessy Cottrell

PMCC Past Church Organist / Pianist


Betty Auten


No Photo


Adeline Frolich



Brother Timothy Gonsalves: November 5th, 1962 - August 30th, 2017



 PMCC Trustee Joe McCarthy: 1925-2017   


 Henry Schacht 3/16/1926 - 3/05/1991 & Doris Schacht  9/14/1931 - 7/26/2011

Rev A. Donald Magaw 12/20/1914 - 2/18/1994  Clara Magaw 6/19/1919 - 8/29/2008