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PMCC Members who have been Called Home


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Pastor Donald Magaw



Posted 11/01/2020


Photo Provided By Family: Lois Adubato





Photo Contributed By: Arlene Savitsky

Mike Savitsky:

Mike was instrumental at setting up the AA Meetings which started with one meeting a week and has grown to 5-meeting weekly.




Bessy Cottrell

PMCC Past Church Organist / Pianist


Betty Auten



Adeline Frolich



Brother Timothy Gonsalves: November 5th, 1962 - August 30th, 2017



 PMCC Trustee Joe McCarthy: 1925-2017   


 Henry Schacht 3/16/1926 - 3/05/1991 & Doris Schacht  9/14/1931 - 7/26/2011

Rev A. Donald Magaw 12/20/1914 - 2/18/1994  Clara Magaw 6/19/1919 - 8/29/2008