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As we approach the day that we celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ then turn the calendar to a New Year, we as a church have a lot for which to praise God! This time last year, we were much in prayer that God would restore Pastor Don to health so he could return to the pulpit, we learned that God had other plans for him and our church.
When Don told me he was depending on me to keep the church going, I told him I would do my best even though I was terrified over how I would. Don assured me I was fully capable even though I had my doubts, that I knew more of the Word of God than I realized and all I needed was to look to Jesus. By the grace of God, I am still learning more and more each and every time I open my Bible and with the help and support from all of you, we have been able to keep the church going and if it be Godís will, we will continue into the future.
I believe God is continuing to work in our church and that even though we are small, as long as we keep our faith strong and lean on Jesus, we will find that with God, nothing is impossible.
As we gather with friends and family this season, remember that the virgin birth is but one part of the plan that included Jesusí death on the cross and His victory over death through His resurrection. We must never forget that through His suffering, we can now have a personal relationship with our Father God and that relationship includes eternal life through Jesus our Savior. There is no greater gift that was ever given.
So, enjoy your celebrations this season with a thankful heart for what God has done for all of us, and as we face the new year ahead, know that I am so grateful for the support from every one of you to help keep our church open and allow me to share Godís Word with you.
May God bless you richly this Christmas and in the new year ahead.

In Christís Love,
Pastor Wanda







Thanksgiving 2022

As we approach Thanksgiving 2022 and I reflect on all that has happened recently within our church, I canít help but be thankful for how the hand of God and His infinite love and grace in very real and active.
Losing Pastor Don was difficult, but we are all thankful that he is no longer suffering as he did in the last days of his earthly. And I know that we will be together again one day in the future.
I am also thankful for the support and encouragement you have shown me as I stepped in as your Pastor. Each one of you make me want to work to show you about our God and how He, through the saving work of Jesus Christ, has planned for our salvation so that we will all be ready when the time is right to transition from this life to our eternal life with our Lord.
We have seen so many answers to prayer throughout these past months for which we are all grateful. This tells us that we have a loving God and gives us confidence that He will continue to hold each one of us and our church in His hands.
So as each of you spend time with your family and friends this Thanksgiving, take time to reflect on all that God has given you and always be thankful for His love and compassion. I pray that He will continue to bless you all richly this Thanksgiving and all the days ahead.

In Christís Love,
Pastor Wanda






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