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1.)  First Step:

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Fill in your info with email-address & create a simple password.

Once you Sign up, it'll send you and email confirmation.

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Once you Turn the App ON

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That'll open up to Configure Mode:

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Email Delivery: Works with ALL Emails

1.) Turn ON

Click that gear looking icon at top-right!

It'll open the app to the configure Mode.

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Turn ON View Activity Log Switch Shown Below

To receive notifictions

Remove any text within Feed URL area First

4.) and Paste our feeds URL  Feed Box.



Now Click SAVE

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If you have a problem and are not receiving our RSS Feed to Email

Things to check:


First: Make Sure Your Are Signed -IN to IFTTT

Second: Check that our URL is typed or pasted  inexactly:   (within  the app -See Picture #2 Above)


Check your  Rss To Email Here

Follow step directions again: Starting at Picture #1 & 2

You Will Be Operational


If your Facebook or Google will not sign you on:

 Simply reset your password:

First Click: IFTTT

1.) Click Forgot Password: Type your email into the box they provide.

2.) They will send you an email to reset Password; Make it simple to remember.

3.)  (Create New Password) 


Toggle back to your IFTTT Here:  IFTTT

Sign in with your Facebook or Google Account


After your signed in with IFTTT

Scroll back UP to:

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Follow the simple instructions with pictures above.

If you need further assistance or  help:

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Excellent RSS Readers

Listed Below are all fine choices for receiving our Instant Messaging.

Each Provide Immediate Posts.

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"I personally use this App on my phone. Love it! Immediate Posting"


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Computer Desktop, Tablets or Phones

"We also use this on our computer. Great display and post time.."

When using: Within this reader is a REFRESH button. To get ALL NEW POSTS use that Refresh Button.


All internal links within Rss Work Fine. Excellent Choice


When open: Use: FeedReader Online/ Start Reading Feeds "FREE" Left Side

Then Click Add New Feed:

Label It: PMCC Messages

Just Add Our Feeds URL:

When it opens:

Use the Left side: FREE Feed Reader Online.

And Start Reading Feeds

It's Has a REFRESH Button: Use it often to check for Newest Posts!


Or This Second Choice


Get Started for FREE

Log In Using Google

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When it Opens: Click Get Started for FREE

Another Excellent Choice

Computers or Tablets.

Insert our PMCC News Feed UR:L




What Is RSS?



Depending on who you ask, RSS stands for either "Rich Site Summary" or "Really Simple Syndication." But no matter what it's called, RSS is a new way to publish information online.

At the heart of the technology is special Web coding, called XML, that has been widely developed by the global online community over the past few years.

The XML code for RSS describes a new type of Web information called a "news feed." Essentially, the feeds can contain a summary and links of the new content on a Web site or anything else a creator desires to share. A company may publish an RSS feed that contains news of its latest products, for example.

Anyone an online surfer or another Web site can pick up the RSS codes and with the appropriate Web software display the information automatically.

The concept is similar to how a newswire service operates: Information published by one news organization can be "syndicated" picked up and displayed by any other news organization.


What Does RSS Mean for Site Publishers?


Through syndication, online content creators have a much easier way to get their information published and seen. For instance, a Web surfer who sees an RSS feed say a ticker of top news stories on one site might click on the content, which in turn drives more traffic back to the original Web site.

RSS can also be a way for Web sites to retain "loyalty" among visitors. By supplying the RSS code on the Web site, visitors can "subscribe" to the feed and automatically receive updates on their personal computers of new content on the site.

Such an RSS feed will free content creators from creating and sending e-mail reminders many of which may be stopped by anti-spam filters.


Why Would Ordinary Web Users Like RSS?


For Web surfers, the advantages of RSS are quite simple: They save time and bandwidth.

Instead of remembering to visit a favorite Web site, the news comes directly into your computer daily or at whatever interval you want.

What's more, most RSS feeds contain just links, headlines, or brief synopsis of new information only. That means the small amount of Web data can be sent to any XML-compatible device a cell phone, pager, or handheld computer without a lengthy download process.

More importantly, RSS gives you control over receiving information you want without revealing information about yourself. Unlike subscribing to an e-mail newsletter, you never have to give out your e-mail address with an RSS feed. That avoids the possibility of receiving spam or unwanted junk e-mail from the Web site.



What Do I Need to Receive RSS Feeds?


First, you need a feed reader. Performing a search for "RSS Feed Readers" in any major online search engine such as Google or Yahoo! will produce a bundle of software options many of which are free.

Once you've obtained a feed reader, subscribing to an RSS feed is simple. Most Web sites that publish an RSS feed will display either a tiny orange box or button labeled "RSS" or an "XML URL."

Click the feed link you are interested in and your Web browser typically goes to a page of cryptic XML code. No worries, just copy the Web "address" or URL of that page and plug (paste) it into your feed reader. The software will then automatically retrieve and display that site's latest information.

Much Like an EBook

With RSS Feed you'll get instant messages sent out from Port Monmouth Community Church and displayed into your RSS reader. Messages not only will be the most recent updates within the church website,  but you'll also receive instant messages from Pastor Don with announcements of any closure's due to inclement weather, holiday wishes and much MORE.


The use of  RSS allows Unlimited Immediate Instant Messaging which still comes from within our Host Website through our server. (Safe, secure, clean feed.)

In short, All we do is provide you the address location to retrieve the message. Anyone with that address name places it into the reader. The RSS Readers display much like E-Books and better yet it retrieves the updated message as it's posted.

Clean Un-Interrupted messaging! This is a service which will surely help keep YOU informed and stay connected.

PMCC feed when posted arrives immediately right to your PHONE, COMPUTER DESKTOP  or  TABLET.



You may also Read PMCC Feed on Main Home Page.

(Will be cryptic .xml coding and not be displayed like an EBook)



There are many RSS Readers to choose from: 

For Computer's or Phones just go to the App Store and do a search.


Download ANY RSS Reader , Then ADD our URL:


 (Right click & Copy our "link-address" above then paste into your Rss Reader)


You can Label or  (Name) the Feed "PMCC Messages" on your Reader

That's It!

Each reader has a "Sync" Synchronize  (which auto-loads the most Updated RSS Messages)


Nothing to it.




We come to You and are always available!


Welcome to Instant Messaging!


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