Port Monmouth Community Church

78 Main Street and Lydia Place

Port Monmouth, New Jersey 07758


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Every Sunday

10:00 AM

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Pastor Donald Magaw:  Phone: 732-922-9286


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PMCC  is PROUD to announce & recognizes two of our very own young ladies who have excelled and demonstrate active leadership roles within our community. Please help us in sharing fine congratulations for these blessed achievements.

Josephine Johnson

Recently was awarded a scholarship from the ladies auxiliary by

The Elks 2179 Middletown N.J.

Daphney Mirenda

Has recently  attended a peer leadership conference which was sponsored by

The Elks 2179  Middletown N.J.



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Oh, wonderful Word of the Lord! True wisdom It's pages unfold; and though we may read them a thousand times o're, they never, no never grow old. Each line hath a treasure , each promise a pearl, that all if they will may secure; and we know that when time and the world pass away, God's Word shall forever endure. Oh wonderful, wonderful Word of the Lord! The lamp that our Father above; so kindly has lighted to teach us the way that leads to the arms of His love. It's warnings, Its counsels, are faithful and just; Its judgments are perfect and pure; and we know that when time and the world pass away, God's Word shall for ever endure.

Fanny J. Crosby


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God Bless America



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